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A group of ten women were chosen in this exhibit all using different mediums to express themselves in visual and tangible forms.
The show is titled, Je ne sais quoi which means in english - I do not know what. As in many languages that "something" gets lost in the translation. Just as in the verbal, the visual translation can be elusive. In following, an artistic painting or object may create a response or emotion for one person, and take on something else for another. All of the artists represented are using their passion and desire to create their own reality. My hope and mission are that we may all embrace the talent, free expression, and pay tribute to these ten women and their art.

Mimi Kapiloff

Opening:Sunday,May 3, 2009 2pm - 4pm

Closing: Sunday, June 7, 2009


Melissa Dickenson
Cara Ober
Gloria Askin
Nancy Valk
Marcia Ray Wolfson
Michelle Woodward
Edna Emmet
Rachel Rotenburg
Peggy Fox
Andrea Guay

Part of the proceeds shall support Art On Purpose


Please join us to celebrate the historically rich and visually provocative genre of the nude and beautiful electric rawness.



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