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On Display: October 13th - 26th

A 69-year-long German secret
The details are too incredible to believe – but the story of our newest exhibition can be traced back to the Nazi invasion of Austria in 1938… Hitler had just seized power…
Europe was teetering on the edge of a second World War… Artists were rounded up and arrested for “degeneracy” by armed Gestapo in military vehicles. E.L. Kirchner was one of them.
Kirchner, easily the best German expressionist painter of his time, had spent the past two decades painting angular nudes…
Woodcut-style arcadian scenes with dancing bohemians… works that were taken away by the Nazis and burned or put on display for public ridicule…
It’s a fate that was shared by other great works of modern European art.
But their legacy is perhaps stronger for it. Today, Kirchner’s paintings of angular bohemian nudes are fuel for a new generation of artists…
Including Melissa Salzman, whose stark black-and-white images of nude women are now on display at Sub-Basement Artist Studios…
And artists Michelle Santos and William Tamburrino
Please join us on Saturday, Oct. 13th at 6 pm to celebrate the historically rich and visually provocative genre of the nude and beautiful odalisque.

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