Sub Basement Artist Studios, founded in 2003, has showcased work from over 180 Artists. Our venue has been used for numerous exhibitions, workshops, fundraising events, weddings, funerals, CD release parties, and artist studios.


Jerome Acks Rich Eskin                Sarah Lindley               Terry Thompson
Seth Adelsberg Gustavo Espada             Linling Lu Carl Thurman
Virgilio Tito Esquina         Reynaldo Esquina            Katherine Mann            Tip Toland
Josh Ammon             Virgilio Yaneca Esquina    Dave Massey                   Matthew Towers
José Angulo              Matthew Fischl              Tony Marsh                     Kelley Towles
Darrell Appelzoller     Charles Ford                  Jessica Marx Rene Trevino
Gloria Askin              Jeremy Forman               Coleman McCarthy          Paul Troy
Bat Allen Forsyth                 Claudia McDonough         Jeanine Turner
Marilyn Banner          Dave Fouts                   Sarah McNeil                    Nancy Valk
Beth Barbush            Peggy Fox                    Tony McKissic                  Marcella Volini
Heather Barone         Dawn Gavin MEAH     Austin Voll
Nicole Barrick            Erin Gleeson                 Alex Meiners                     Michaelene Walsh
Amanda Beck Mauck Manuel Tatu Golden       Ignacio Michaud               Sandra Wasko
Colin Benjamin           Ed Goodman                 Jackie Miland                     Blake Williams
Julie Benoit               Seth Goodman              Jarrett Min-Davis              Herman Williams III
Timothy Berg            Jason Green                  Melissa Moore                  Theo Willis
BHIBTB    Ethan Greene                Thomas Muller Marcia Ray Wolfson
Jordan Faye Block      Don Griffin                    Heidi Neff Michelle Woodward
Nancy Blum               Ed Griffin                     Cara Ober Tony Wright
Evan Boggess Drew Griffith                 Jill Oberman Amy Glengary Yang
Lauren Boilini Martin Goggins              Casey O’Connor Al Zaruba
Marci Branagan          Andrea Guay                Lynne Parks Diana Zhang 
Clayton Brant            Philip Guston                Dino Paxenos  
Andy Brayman           Josh Hailey                   Dave Parker  
Eric Briscoe              Christi Harris Steven Pearson  
Larry Poncho Brown   John Henderson             Fahamu Pecou  
Peter Brunn              Brandon Hill                  Denise Pelletier  
Brendan Carroll          Tim Hill                        Valeska Populoh  
Thomas Canavan       Yumi Hogan Jeanne Quinn  
Mary Louise Carter     Andrew Holmquist          Marisa Rand  
Stevens Jay Carter    Ben Horns                   RaRah  
Emily C D                 Yutaka Houlette            Dana Reifler  
Jackie Cadiente Paul Jeanes                  William Rhodes  
Jeff Chang               Jennifer Jedelsohn          James Rieck  
Peter Chang             Ryan Jedlicka                Patrick Rios  
Sheryl Chastine         Matthew Janson Anthony Romero  
Sangho Choi    Ariel Jiménez                 Rachel Rotenburg  
Erin Cluley                Nathaniel Johnson          Kelli Ryan  
Aaron Chung Guy Jones                    Rodney Ruley  
Sam Chung               Courtney Jordan            Melissa Salzman  
Eugene Coles            Leo Kaplan                   Paul Saniford  
Andy Cook                Frank Klein                   Camilo Sanin  
Graham Coreil-Allen    Jeffrey Kent                Michelle Santos  
Renee Cortese           Jeff Kessel                  Bill Schmidt  
Allicia Cosnahan         Heins Kim                    Larry Scott  
Ben Cricchi               Minku Kim Shadow  
Shelia Crider             Nicola Knight                Andrew Shenker  
Pete Cullen               Paul Kotula                  Ernest Shaw  
Amy Daniels              Ernest Kromah              Amy Sherald  
John Davis            Edna Kurtz Emmet         Ragan Sheridan  
Ian McLean Davis      Dave Lambard               Dong Won Shin  
Melissa Dickenson      Lori Larusso                 Nick Clifford Simko  
Debra Diamond          Magnolia Laurie Christopher Siron  
Mike Diamond            Chris LaVoie                 Lauren Sleat  
Sandra Eleta             Diego Leclery               Frank Smith  
Helen Elliott              Arnetta Lee                 Jo Smail  
Edna Kurtz Emmet      Jae Won Lee                David Stanger  
Etna Emmet              Joshua Lefchick            Scotty Stevenson  
Sanam Emani            Jessie Lehson               Kristin Street  
Bobby English April Lewis                   William Tamburrino  
Barbara Epstein         Arturo Lindsay             Denise Tassin  




To put it simply: We believe that every comfortable living space should hold an art collection, but without the demand that it match the décor.
Art should exist for you, the collector, first… as a visual embodiment of your style and personal history. An art collection offers both exterior decoration as well as a documentary of life’s mental and emotional trapeze act.
For this reason, we feel that art belongs to people more than places.
We think that art is a form of expression for not only the artist, but the collector as well. It is important to us that the work you select for your art collection conveys a part of who you are.
We want people to pause in a hallway, bedroom, office or living room when passing an artwork, and experience that singular and rare moment of beauty that can save a person and change his or her mood.
We can help you build any variety of collection you want – whether it’s work by Baltimore’s most daring young artists or a collection of tribal artifacts, a new and compelling trend in postmodern painting and sculpture or simply the exuberance of an art period long since passed.
We’re concerned, instead, with finding outstanding art and matching it to those collectors who demand a certain kind of expression.


118 North Howard Street | Baltimore, MD 21201 USA

o: 410.659.6950

For Art Transportation Service Email: